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Monday, March 12, 2007

A prayer for the new year

Living God, we acknowledge you as Lord of both morning and night.
You have ordained the evening stars and moon's glow to bring
the serene silences of night's reflection and rest.
You have caused the night's fast to be broken by a flaming Eastern sun,
with the splendors of a new day vividly coloring the sky.

In the stillness of night and at the close of another year in our earthly pilgrimage,
we long for your peace and freedom from our inadequacies.
With the rising sun and the dawn of a New Year,
we are renewed and vow to act on the night's resolutions.
Yet, Holy Creator, we know that you, alone,
have ordered the days and nights and seasons;
and you, alone, are our strength.
In the name of Jesus Christ whose coming we continuously celebrate, we humbly make this petition for the New Year: Like sun and day, shine in our hearts;
Like moon and night, give us loving peace;
Guide us every step of the way on our path to wholeness in you.

By fahime

Hymn source: Latin tr. By Anne K. LeCroy (The Episcopal Hymnal 1982, #32)
© 2005 Suzanne Matheny. 

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