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Friday, March 2, 2007

Much Ado for Nothing

Let us imagine the human beings whom are temporary inhabitants of this vast world.
Probably, the common images in our minds are the anxious, fretful, and tortured men who are parallel to restless and infirm babies in broken cradles. The 20th century has presented civilization as well as anxiety and nervous breakdown. Most of the contemporary men feel a gap in their souls and hearts. Nowadays, the shadow of fear and nervousness has made them eager of some thing that heals their anxious and restless souls. Have we ever asked ourselves why we are so worry? I am sure that most of the reasons are included in reaching to any kind of success and destruction of misery. what are the definitions of success and misery in your mind? Have you ever thought of their value? Do you know how much they cost? Unfortunately, most humans are unable to comprehend the value of things. Surely, the answer is less than the price that we are paying for them. We are paying the finite moments of our life and health that are the most precious of God carelessly. What will be the benefit of gaining all of the favorite items of our fancy successes and wishes list if gastric ulcer, heart attack and high blood pressure bite our health? Every day is a new birth for a wise man. On the contrary, a foolish man wastes “today” by regretting the bitter memories that are related to the “past time” and vague anxiety of the “future time”. Does he know that all of his favorite successes and whishes have been imbedded in the short and transient way of the “present time”? Zounds! How late we understand the real meaning of life. Life is the moments and hours of the “present time” which we pray to God for spending them as fast as possible. It is a blunder to evaluate the hidden and vague matters of the far future and ignore the present time that has been presented to us. The main reason of all of the mental and physical pains is in our insights and attitudes that make our life. We are as we think so we should accept our uniqueness in the world. This feeling brings coolness and removes anxiety that is a barrier for reaching success.The reasonable coolness let us know ourselves and try to use our hidden potentials. Scientists believe that humans just use ten percent of their brains and ability and the rest is not active. We must accept ourselves as we are and be thankful for what we are bestowed. On the other hand, it is a good advice to give up the incurable pains, trust in God, and accept them. Milton says that misfortune is in tolerance of being blind not being blind in it self. In addition, how good it is to learn not to feel offence against ingratitude. If we believe that our good service to people is not only to them but also to inner self-content, we will overcome the offence and anxiety. Let`s wash our hearts of all of the revenges and feel peace in our souls. Let`s be ready for the worst results of our works then we experience relaxation. Relaxation make us evaluate the problems and find it`s resolution. Let`s remind ourselves every day that every man can spend the day with joy, pleasure, love and purity. The real happiness is in believing God, resting well, smiling, and having fun in our life.

By Fahime

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