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Saturday, March 10, 2007

Iran :The limpid and Roaring Ocean

Human’s mental and physical puberty encourages him to seek for his identity. One of the prominent yardsticks which clarifies a piece of his identity is the complete perception of the characteristics and history of his country and town. Every man’s hometown forms his personality. In so many words, the values, longings, and ideals of every hometown act as a mould that shape and characterize the moral values, cultural and spiritual condition of the inhabitants. I live in Iran where is known as the cradle of civilization, liberty and intrepidity. I am proud of the knowledge, culture, traditions, and complete religion of my country.

I am always proud of being Iranian because I am aware of the brilliant historical background of my country. When I turn over the pages of the thick album of my country, I find myself debtor of the valorous heroes and heroines. In other words, they fought to raise the flag of this country throughout the world independently. Although Iran was the target of savage attacks of exploiters and colonialists, valor Iranians passed all of these crisises successfully and honorably. Iranians are the volcano of anger against the colonialists and the sea of generosity for oppressed and deprived men. I am proud of walking on the soil which has been made of the daring myrtyre`s blood. They were magnanimous and memorable men whose resistance presented the grandeur, esteem, respect, and unity to this country and guaranteed them. All of the bygone and contemporary historians have confessed that in every period of this country the buds of bravery have sprout in Iranian’s heart and have turned to corpulent trees that have not bent against any powerful destroyer whirlwind.

This Asian part of the world has trained the most prominent Scientifics, poets, writes, scholars, artist, and artisans. All of their services, traces, and effects have been remarkable, rare, and useful around the world. In other words, they have been the bright stars whose light has bestowed enlightenment and intelligence to all of the truth seekers in the dark world of ignorance. I feel joy when I hear that Muhammad Mustafa, the seal of prophets, has said that the men of Fars (Persian) would find access to the faith and knowledge even if they were far in the Pleiades. Our holy Quran has repeated several times that the best kind of jehad and worship is spending day and night in teaching and learning. In addition, the themes of the Iranian literature advise us to learn since being in cradle up to being in deathbed.
We have chosen Islam religion as our infinite ideal and immortal shelter. Because of being royal to it’s orders, we don’t give up the dagger of oppression, infamy and servitude. All of us are trying to claw the strong rope of Islam to ascend the huge mountain of self-discovery and faith.

Iran has the most complete culture and traditions. Iranian have been decorated with the meritorious description such as kindness, hospitality, truthfulness, and generosity. Although there is one language but there are several pleasant accents which are related to different towns and villages of the country. Relatively, each town and village has it’s own culture and traditions. In spite of these variety and difference, they know themselves as iron chains which nothing can destroy their unity. Of course, all of these cultures and traditions end in the vast ocean of the original culture. The Iranian historical buildings, museums, noble architecture are dazzling for foreigner eyes. We can find the trace of Islam and Iranian culture in their design and color. Iranian classical and contemporary literatures are so instructive, noble, inspiring and pleasant that all the world choose them as the model of their living, thinking and writing. All of their heroes, heroines and themes symbolize the culture of the community and it’s inhabitants. Altogether, all of the mentioned things are the small samples of the running Iranian’s culture. Above all, all of them are full of spiritual meanings.

Geographically, Iran has vast varieties in weather and product. Because of this, unique, eye – catching and diversified landscapes in each area have displayed prominently the beauty of the intact and virgin nature of Iran.

I have identified my identity because I have known my country and country fellows. In addition, I have realized my duty to my country and I have found my path to walk in. On the other hand, I have understood that I belong to the land of courage lions. In other words, the heroe`s blood have been running in the contemporary men’s vessels yet. I must try to make up the live or dead heroes`s self-sacrifice as much as I can. The eternal myths and the live martyrs of my country have taught me how to live, act against mischief and die. Above all, they have guided me to serve people as much as I can. They have made and kept this land and it is my turn to do my best to develop it. It is my duty to raise Iranian’s name and country by doing as much as I can. The heroes have left the footsteps and I should pursuit them to get where they lead to. I must be the guard of the soil and values of my country. In other words, I should not let the filthy enemy walk on the pure and holy soil of my country.

by Fahime

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