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Sunday, March 11, 2007

Imam Ali's sayings: part2

Failures are often the results of timidity and fears; disappointments are the results of bashfulness; hours of leisure pass away like summer-clouds, therefore, do not waste opportunity of doing good.

If someone's deeds lower his position, his pedigree cannot elevate it.

There are people who worship Allah to gain His Favors, this is the worship of traders; while there are some who worship Him to keep themselves free from His Wrath, this is the worship of slaves; a few who obey Him out' of their sense of gratitude and obligations, this is the worship of free and noble men.



Mir said...

Salam Narges Khunoom, I hope Allah (S.W.T) blesses you and that Hazrate Haydar the Lionheart himself comes to your aid at the moment of death. I used to a be a prince in love with Ali (A.S) and slowly as the years went by that love began to fade away as a result of bad actions and yearning for the wrong desires. Thank you for reminding me of just how Wise the Prince of the Believers was, is and always will be - Ali's wisdom is second to none other than the Holy Prophet himself (S.W.T).
Thank you a billion times.
Ya ALiyo, Ya Aliyo, Ya Ali.

If you understand Persian I would advise you to visit this link:

truth seekers said...

Salam. Thanks to Allah.I did nothing, even not my real responsibility to Amir-al-Mo'menin. But this was Allah's grace and Amir-al-Mo'menin 's grace upon us.
ان شاء الله خداوند ما را با اميرالمومنين و فرزندان پاكشان محشور سازد.

And this Hadith presented respectfully to you the prince in love with Ali(A.S):

رَجُلاً يَسأَلُ اَبا عَبدِ اللّه عليه السلام فَقالَ: الرَّجُلُ يَقولُ
أَوَّدُكَ، فَكَيفَ أَعلَمُ أَنَّهُ يَوَدُّنى؟ فَقالَ: اِمتَحِن قَلبَكَ،
فَإن كُنتَ تَوَدُّهُ فَإنَّهُ يَوَدُّكَ؛

شخصى از امام صادق عليه السلام پرسيد:
گاهى به من گفته مى شود: دوستت دارم. از كجا بدانم كه (راست مى گويد و) دوستم
حضرت فرمودند: قلب خودت را بيازماى، پس اگر تو او را دوست دارى، بدان كه او
نيز تو را دوست دارد.

كافى، ج2، ص652، ح2