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Saturday, March 3, 2007

Cook the Fried Eggs of Your Life in This Frying pan

Admonish your friend in private, praise him in public
Every advantages has its disadvantages
Affection blinds reason
Anger punishes itself so when angry, count a hundred
An anchor of a ship is always at sea but never learn to swim
The higher the ape goes, the more he shows his tail
Ask no question and you will be told no lies
Better an ass that carries me than a horse that throws me
The bait hides the hook
Barking dog seldom bite
Beauty is but skin deep
Where the bee makes honey, the spider makes poison
Bend while it is a twig
Best cloth may have a moth in it
If you cannot bite, never show your teeth
A room without books is a body without soul
If the blind lead the blind both fall into the pit
Curse and be cursed
Cut off a dog’s tail and he will still be a dog
Nothing is easy to the unwilling
There is no good where every one would be a Lord
Old chains call less than the new
Recoil a little to leap the better
There is remedy for all things but death
It is a silly fish that is caught with the same bait
A watched pot is long in boiling
Zeal without knowledge is a runaway horse

By Fahime

Source: 1001 Famous proverbs And Sayings by P.L STEPHEN

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