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Friday, March 2, 2007

The Password of God`s kingdom

GOD resembles a sun and is the source of the immortal and infinitive powerful light. He is the only light who shines in the sky of our life in all of the moments. Human is a kind of ignorant creature .In a shiny day, he stares at sun directly and voraciously to see sun but his eyesight limitation is a barrier to do this by unarmed eyes. As a result of this, he see just it’s light during the day and in cloudy day or night, he claims that there is no sun in the sky because there is no light. He is ignorant of the existence of sun which shines even at night. Unfortunately, he doesn’t comprehend it’s vital role in his life unless he deprives of this living source but it maybe have become too late. Life is a battlefield and has a lot of upside and downside. When the dark clouds of problems have covered the sky of his life, human resembles a blind man who is looking for his stick in a vast desert. He tries every superficial and material way to find a hand to help but he cannot. In another words, he has ignored his inside and The Lord who has made a room in his heart. He never feels full or gets content of the earthy love, joy and peace. GOD is the fountain of immortal love and help for us. If human believes that GOD lives in himself forever, he does not deny the existence of GOD in critical moment because of he knows that he is not so perfect to understand God’s will. If he experiences and feels GOD, he will fall in love with GOD. Then nothing can annihilate this real amorous and mystical relationship. How enjoyable it is that his hellish and earthy life turns into the heavenly moments which has been perfumed with GOD`S existence. The roaring waves of GOD`S love submerge human in the never-ending and profound sea of real immortal tranquility, joy and devotion forever. A child never scares of the roaring sea when he is with his mother .So, if you are really ready to meet GOD, let`s be a child whose mother is The Lord. Let us stand in the shore to be patted by the waves of our mother’s will and do ourselves deity
by Fahime

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