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Friday, April 13, 2007

A New Birth

In the dim and dingy room, the man’s robust, tall, and disheveled figure could not be

distinguished from the dark and blankness environment. He had stood in front of the cracked

wall with a piece of coal in his coarse and grubby hands and was drawing a straight line beside

the pervious numerous filthy lines on the wall. The old and ruined wall was covered with many

anonymous dates, handwritings, signs, poems, and memories of the pervious hopeless men

whose fate had been death. It seemed that this room had had the feeling of loneliness and

nostalgia not only for him but also for all of the pervious guests. Then he lied on the old and

broken bed that was put under the small window with steel shelter. He stared at the heaven

that a black blanket with the image of a magnificent circle of stars around the moon had covered it.

His only share of nature was a withered tree that was visible partly from the window. On the

branch of it, there was the nest of an owl that stared at him with his illuminated and small eyes

and sang ominously every night and spent it’s day in a deadly silence of sleep. He disgusted of

all of it with all of it’s ghastly habits and nature because he thought that it was looking forward

watching his damned doom and scorn him.

It was a cold night of winter. The painful stroke of rainstorm and hail was attacking his body

savagely. As he was running, his mind voyaged to the last three hours. Every thing was

supposed to be done affable but his rage and gull had annihilated all of his mental good

suppositions of this date. His only blunder was that he had killed his friend accidentally and his

only friend’s error was that he had had no money to pay his loan to him. Now, the friend was not

guilty because he was murdered and he was left alone as the murderer in this tragedy. The only

way that struck in his mind was to alibi but it was useless. The next day police found his

identity card beside the bloody corpse. The frightful and annoying sound of turning key in the

lock recovered his self and turned his conscious back to this dark and damp room. He could see

the shadow of a coarse guard who came into the room with food through the light of the ajar

steel door. The man put the food near the door and whispered, “Be ready for tomorrow.”

his hope to live and walk on this earth. It seemed that time was more tender to get ride of him

because the hands of the clock was competing as fast as they could to end that night. In the last

minutes and seconds of his life, he thought a lot about himself, his sins, and his little daughter.

He had heard that God was gracious but he did not know whether he would forgive at least half

of his sins or not. He wished to be alive and free for only one day to repent his bad deeds. He

regretted that he had wasted his time in ignorance in the world and had forgotten the

death.Terror dominated on his body when he imagined himself in the grave without the

presence of any one in his funeral but his only little daughter. He did not know what would

happen to his alone daughter without him. He felt sorry for her because she would feel ashamed

of having a murderer father in future and he would not be there to persuade her that his rage

killed the man not him. At these last moments, he recalled that his soul would be supposed to

travel to God who never tried to touch him in all of his life. He closed his eyes and imagined his

lifeless and hanging corpse after the execution.

When he opened his eyes, the same guard appeared in front of his eyes and whispered gravely

“Time is over, come”. It had become morning and how soon every thing had became late. They

put him in the death car to take to the square of the town to play his role proficiently in this

tragic drama without any wage. A huge crowd of men had collected around the stage to observe

this free tragedy and judge whether it was right to be free or not. The young and children had

climbed up the trees to take tremendous picture excitingly because it did not want any ticket

but he did not see any one of them. The agitated and hanged white rope of Execution that was

moving right and left with the savage stroke of the cruel wind like the pendulum of his life’s

clock engrossed him at first glance. A black and broken chair had been put under it .It was a

mean to go higher and then higher where there would be no access to him anymore.

His little daughter had stood beside the chair in black clothes it seemed because she had got that

this stage was a real one that her father had to play in it . She had stared at him with rainy eyes

and cloudy heart because she knew that it was the last time to glimpse her daddy, and after

execution, she would become one of the members of the orphan asylum. She stepped forward

slowly toward his daddy but her hands had became so feeble that couldn’t hug him for the last

time and expression of grief did not let the tongue to pronounce the last farewell to her only

treasure in this wasteland. Although the feelings of terror , shame and sympathy had

immobilized him ,he hugged his only diamond with his cold hands and whispered “don’t scare of

any thing and anybody but God, I am always with you. You can see me in your sweet dream or

among the stars every night. Be sure that God and daddy are your lovers. Just be strong and

courage and live vividly. Just be sure that I am not a bad daddy. I will always see you so do good

deeds to make me happy. Ok?” the little girl saw her father’s tear for the first time that was

flowing like a pure waterway. After a little pause, she stammered, “ok, I am sure that you are

the best and good-hearted daddy on the world not a killer and I will say it to every one. If you

saw mother, make peace with her and tell her that I have missed her very much. Do you

promises me to come in my dream together ?”.The man just nodded with a bitter smile and

went to play a new stage in his life.

The mother’s murdered heard and saw every thing in this tragic drama. It seemed that The

daughter `s and father’s role had been played very bitterly

Now, the sense of revenge and forgiveness had been struggling in her heart and she did not know which would win.
The ropewas tied around his neck but the ties of the man and the girl did not scare him. It seemed that
their avaricious looks reflect peace in their hearts. When the guard was pulling the chair under

his feet, some one cried, “Stop.”

This stop was a beginning for the man and the girl. At last,

forgiveness had conquered revenge in the heart of mother’s murdered.

by Fahime

1 comment:

(Seyyedeh) Susan Marandi said...

Great writing, and I loved the way the pictures were chosen to fit the story! Keep up the good job! :-)