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Friday, April 27, 2007

Apartment living: Brotherhood or Duel?

The population has full-grown so much that it seems as if the towns or even the earth cannot breathe any more and would burst one day. The increasing growth of luxurious apartments and sky-scraping towers is a kind of firm document that prove this fact. Because of this, dissimilar people from special towns with diverse cultures, ideas and attitudes dwell in these apartments.
In this situation, they are not stranger to each other any more but they are neighbours. In Islam religion, it has been said that the neighbours are more acquainted than the relatives are and there must be a mutual respect and love among them.
Obviously, entrance to every place has its own special formal and informal rules and disciplines, so the residence and living in the apartments is not the exception to the rules. Living in apartments has it’s own special culture and all of the inhabitants must know it and be loyal to it.

In general, the apartments or the towers must be the circles and assemblies for exchanging of love, respect, sympathy, unification, unity, and cooperation. The settlers must take pleasure in spending time together and helping each other and be grateful for these unforgettable moments.
Unfortunately, these days, different vague factors and causes have changed these kindhearted circles in to the battlefields. One of the factors is that the technology era has put a heavy burden of private and official stresses and anxieties on the men’s shoulder that they cannot carry and put up with it. Because of this, every one just thinks of himself and is indifference to the other people’s personality and rights. The coldhearted and unfriendly sentiment of tiredness and moodiness freeze their hot hearts and get cold their warm blood. On the other hand, the dwellers are not able to get the unified rules about their apartment which make all of them satisfied .In other words, the sweet and pleasant sense of mercy and forbearance have become a rare and expensive goods in the mini-mall of men’s hearts. Unfortunately, the sense of participation has been faded and they cannot cope with public rules to preserve each other’s right. In addition, they cannot reach a kind of unification to accept each other’s habits, culture, and behaviors and try to moderate them not to annoy others. All of these factors cause a disastrous discord and chaotic which make a hellish life and atmosphere.

One of the factors that make neighbours grumble is the extreme noise in the apartments. Unfortunately, some of the families imagine their houses in the apartments as private houses in the center of an abandoned dessert so they do whatever they want. For example, they turn up the auditory achievements of the twentieth century so much that the huge figure of the apartment shakes let alone the poor residents.

Although it is said that the guests causes blessing for their hosts, sometimes, they get into trouble the others. Sometimes, the entrance and the departure of some neighbour’s guests make mad all of the inhabitants. At the time of arrival, they hug and kiss each other and express their endearing emotions in the center of corridors so loud and effective that they wound and rent the other inhabitant’s hearts. The hearing of these maddening noises recall us the news of the meeting of two families after one hundred years in the yellow papers. At the time of departure, their big fuss and expression of painful feelings of untying each other make the other residents red of anger. Optimistically, we can paraphrase that these neighbors feel so close to others in the apartment who do not want deprive the other inhabitants of their inner feeling so they forget to look at their watch to see that it is mid-night and others are asleep

. On the other hand, the neighbour’s hot discussion, talk, or wrangling deprive the others of the pleasant and rare moments of peace and present them tension. Some dear neighbours find the garage as proper place to do whatever they want. For example, early in the morning, they turn on their car and step on the gas for a long time so That the fuss and dark fog of gas fill the entire atmosphere. In addition, they shut the door so harshly and brutally that all of the glasses of the poor apartment rattle tremendously.

Sometimes, the little children mistake the apartment for kindergartens or parks and cry happily or sadly so loud that their irritating sounds echo in the other’s ear and they have to enjoy of this soft harmony.

The other issues that the entire people think of it as a joke is public participation, cooperation and sharing in all of problems of the apartment building. One of the unsavory scenes in the apartments is apparent in every month. The poor manager of the apartment goes up and down the stairs to plead the respectable neighbours to pay the bill of water, electricity, etc or the man who wash the apartment honorably. Unfortunately, some of these respectable neighbors avoid of paying under the excuses such as spoiling their rights in consumption. Anyway, they make mad or injure the pitiable manager and make a kind chaotic atmosphere in the apartment.

On the other hand, they clean their houses with precise obsession and make dirty the corridors with absolute negligence. Maybe, they believe that the motto of “our town is our house so keep it clean” is used to decorate garbage can in the streets and does not have any relevance to their apartments. Not only the apartments are dirty but also they are disorderly and untidy. The scene of the withered planets, dirty doors and paved corridor with the wandering and scattered shoes make every one regretful and hopeless of living among all of these civilization. All of these chaotic, disarrangements and law breaking encourage the evil mind-set of hatred among the inhabitants and make enmity and hostility .

At this stage, the reaction of insults and impudence are replaced with the sense of respect because dear neighbours cannot stand each other any more. For example, they speak ill of each other .Also, the amusing and lovely emotion of obstinacy let them do whatever they want to aggravate others. For example, they squander the water, electricity, etc to increase the payment of the bills and increase their neighbour`s blood pressure .In this situation, the men’s creativity works well and does bizarre actions to make the others crazy and gnash their teeth.

In conclusion, we can find remarkable evidences to believe in this matter that living in the apartments and spending times with others assist us to mature mentally and gather rich experiences. If all of the people believe that they are the members of one single figure, they will know the value of togetherness .Surely, obstinacy and antagonism don’t dissolve the problems because we live in the busy world of twentieth century and have to get along with each other. If all of the inhabitants of the apartment oblige themselves to consider each other’s right, increase the sense of public participation and love each other more, the apartments will become the loveliest place or even utopia to live and love.

By Fahime

1 comment:

Maryam Ahmadzadeh said...

"The opposite of love isn't hate, it's indiference. The opposite of art isn't ugliness, it's indifference. The opposite of faith isn't heresy, it's indiference. And the opposite of life isn't death, it's indifference."
I agree with what you have said about the coldnes of the hearts and the effect of technology on our lives. But I think, nowadays, the biggest problem is indifference.
Thanks for sharing.
p.s. Dear Narges, thanks for caring and thanks for the kind comment on my blog.