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Sunday, April 1, 2007

The Anonymous Tiny Angel at the Christmas night

Snow had covered the earth like a white blanket. The little boy had stood in the corner of street and was watching the cheerful men who was going and coming. Some strange and painful words were readable in the depth of his looks but no one looked at his eyes. Although the life was running in the vessels of town vividly, the sentiment of despair had stopped the running of blood in his feeble body. His avaricious eyes had made his little mind imagine the realization of impossibilities of his life uselessly. His imagination could replace that gorgeous and prosperous little boy whose parents was buying him presents with himself as a poor and disheveled little boy who had stood alone in the center of the men’s enjoyment and happiness. How delicious and appetizing these imaginations were, even more than his favorite foods that had not ever had in his life. How bitter the realities were for him, even more than the sour drugs of his father. His fantasy world was full of friends, family, happiness, and having fun but his real world was painted with black color to portrait his sick father, his solitude and his wrinkled little hands and face. Although life was running in his daydream world, the sullen and heavy soul of death was going to dominate on his real and existent world. He detested of recalling his ill father in bed in their ruined and little house. He loathed of remembering his brutal destiny that had left him nothing but misery. Above all, he disgusted of remembering that he was alone in this vast world. Always, in the dark night, he stared at the black sky to find his little brilliant star that was winking at him. It was the only light spot in his dark heart and world. He always thought that it was God who was smiling at him. In the cloudy night, the dark clouds of sorrow and grief had covered this light spot in his heart and had made rainy his eyes because his only brilliant star had left him alone. Always, he dreamed some one who gave him a kind hand and a stunning umbrella to be safe against the cruel hailing and raining. I wish some one had realized his dreams before the burial of his motionless little frozen corpse .I wish the ignorant town had presented him a little of their hilarity. However, I am sure that his only friend, the same brilliant star, would realize all of his multicolored and vivid dreams. Let’s not forget that there are millions of these little heart and hands who need our help, so let’s smile at their shiny face and try to enjoy and laugh together.

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By Fahime

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