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Friday, April 13, 2007

The luminosity of Unity, Love, and Intimacy in Iranian’s customs

Iran is the souvenir of the Aryan man. It’s historical background reminds us that the bravery, championship and blood of adventurous heroes has made the strong root of this robust and honored tree. This tree has never had bent against any dreadful whirlwind because it has rooted in a kind of rich soil which had been the plaza of the living and fighting of the brave men. This fruitful tree has had breed the sophisticated and epic generations who had been unique across the world. The natural varieties and vastness of this country has had attracted every man from the beginning so it has been the destination and utopia of different tribes and groups. Every corner of this land has been perfumed with these tribes and their cultures and customs. The golden common point in most of these customs is togetherness.

The death of the last night of autumn brings forth the longest and coolest night of winter when is the glad tidings of the revival of an ancient custom. This custom is called “The Night of Yalda.” Before this night, the people prepare everything desirously to respect to the ancients and refresh their custom. The crowd of cars and pedestrians wave in the busy and illuminated streets. All of the salespersons try to make the best of this rare opportunity and decorate their productions so attractive that deceive every man to buy them. Among them, the fruiterers and the salespersons of the assorted nuts kindle the other vendor’s envy because they sell the main edibles of this night so all of the people are their customers. The spark of happiness is readable in all people’s eyes. as the time get closer to this night, the ecstasy is augmented and the hearts beats faster than usual. It seems that they count the seconds eagerly. Fortunately, the cruel coldness can not decline the heat of men’s heart and endeavor. On the appointed night, grandparent’s house is warmed with the heat of love. All of the relatives, families, and friends gather around each other and share or divide their love .The grandparent’s warm breath that voyage the other’s mind to the allegorical and real land of men in the past omit the role of chilliness from their hearts and house. It seemed that no body pays any attention to the poor winter whose birthday is this night. The clock can not make people bored to death and bewildered with slow movement of it’s hands any more because they are so busy that they don’t even look at the poor clock. Joy, happiness, rest, entertainment and the leisure of the anxiety of the routine life runs in the people’s blood. Among that happiness, the colorful eatables wink at every one who looks at them to show off their crucial responsibility for them. Beside the attractive decoration of the colorful fruits such as pomegranate, grapes, and quince in the basket, the multicolored assorted nuts trick anyone to try them. Among the fruits, the red pieces of water –melon and the tall melons with their intoxicating perfume are the king of fruits. They pride themselves in their special kingdom at this night. As the resonance of intimacy, love, and affection has effected and warmed the house, the grandparents take collected poems of Hafez to have their relative fortune told. Although it is the longest day of the year, it passes in no time. Togetherness, love, and visiting each other ignore the slow past of moments. However, the appetizing smell of watermelon, the perfume of the presence of the grandparents and the lovely and this friendly atmosphere engrave in the minds as precious moments of sharing love for years.

“The Washing of carpet” is famous as a religious custom that the people of Ardehal in Kashan hold it on the second Friday of the month of Mehr. It is held in relevance to the martyrdom of Imam Muhammad Bagher`s son in a war who is called Soltan Ali. It is said that there were not enough men to help him so he was martyred. Of course , when he was half-dead , the men of Fin reached to help but it was late and Imam made his will to hold his funeral once in year. Iran is a religious country and it’s pious men has a special feeling of friendship and devotion to Islam and it’s holy prophets and sacred Imams. According to this, every year, vast crowd of people not only from Ardehal and Kashan but also from every where come here from the pervious night to participate in this ritual eagerly. These pious men spend this night in the mountain or visit holy shrine and their relatives. The next day, early in the morning, they gather around a spring, wait for the group of the men of Fin. Suddenly, the appearances of a group of men in traditional clothes with wooden stick in their hand end the men’s expectations. With their joining to the people, the ceremony starts. Near the noon, they do their main obligation and custom. As the crying and yelling of their damnation to the men who did not help Imam have echoed everywhere, these group walk toward the holy shrine of this Imam. These agitated and unhappy men shake their sticks in the air and spend their time in lamentation and weeping for this holy Imam all the way. When they reach to the front of the holy shrine, they receive a wrapped carpet. This is the symbol of something that the Imam’s holy body had been wrapped in it. Then they go toward the spring again and sprinkle water on the carpet with their sticks. After all, they raise this carpet on their hands and return it back to the holy shrine. This ceremony is finished contemporarily with the real and historical time of Imam’s funeral at noon. Then, they take the carpet and sticks to their special place until the next year.

Although Norouz is known as an ancient and glorious feast in itself, the different customs and rituals have presented it a special kind of decoration.

It is near the sunset on the night of the last Wednesday of the year. Fire has overwhelmed all of the country but not that kind of destructive one but a blessed fire that is the messenger of the beginning of the New Year. Every group fire woods and jump over its` blazing flames to deposit the problems and miseries of the last year to the fire and have a blessed year. Moreover, maybe these aflame fires are just an excuse to be happy , together and prepare for the new year. It is called " Chaharshanbesoori".

In the last Thursday of the year, the cemetery is full of men and women. The graves have been decorated with the yellow light of candles and perfumed flowers. It is the day of the departed. The men bring foods, date, halwa, candy, fruit, etc and give them to the other to make happy their dearest departed. How good it is that the livings do not forget the departed and try to share their happiness of the New Year with their souls. Maybe, going to cemetery is an opposite point beside the spring but it hints us the convention of nature. Beside every death, there is a kind of birth. In addition, the people are fond of being in a holy shrine in the moment of the beginning of the New Year.

On the thirteenth day of Frvardin, the nature is the host of the guests who have exhausted of the business, stresses, and pollution. The people believe that the number of thirteen is ominous so they remove this omniscient by going to the bosom of the nature. This day is full of joy, happiness, and entertainment. In addition, they, throw out their grass (sabze) into the flowing water to remove ominous and misery. In addition, the people tie grass to untie their problems. It is called " Sizdah-Bedar".

Iranian’s men are proud of belonging to this land with it’s historical background and it’s rich customs and tradition so they respect to these ethnicity .The wide variety of traditions and customs have been ranked in different category such as social, cultural, religious, etc. Although all of them are different, the common points are unity, togetherness, and love. It seems that all of the people of the country have been embedded in one soul. They laugh, cry, and chat together in all of the rituals. In other words, they stay side by side in every kind of situation.

By Fahime

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Parisa Mehran said...

Dear Fahimeh and Narjes,

I enjoyed your specific, detailed and interesting way of describing iranian customs. The titles of your posts are really eye catching convincing me to read more enthusiastically. Keep it! You have good ideas to share and I will impatiently wait for them

Best of luck

P.S. Dear Narjes again thanks for your helps!