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Thursday, April 19, 2007

Copy right or copy wrong?

The populated and cosmic world of twentieth century is effervescent and dynamic volcano of attitudes believes and created reflection that is erupting every instant. This sudden or gradual eruption of the ingenious ideas emerges in the types of distinctive writings, films, pictures, articles artistic works, and songs. Then these noticeable productions are published and broadcasted in the entire world through variant media extensively. The human’s wisdom and the technology era co- operate to facilitate human’s access to these unrivalled masterpieces in diverse fields such as literature, art, music, etc. The thirsty members of data of this worldwide village take advantages or disadvantages of these accessible informations that is got as easy as a b c. The owners or the authors of this works have passed a long and rough path and slipped on the narrow border of dangerous cliffs to achieve these moral treasures. Fortunately or unfortunately, the men copy and make use of them with or without permission. Can we name them as the cruel plunderer pessimistically or the eager seekers of the rare and hidden mysteries and knowledge optimistically?

There are two kind of information. One of them is named as public release that can be disclosed and copy righted publicly through different media. The other kind is called public domain that is both public release and not copyright ( ). I think that the copyright issue does not deserve to be criticized harshly and zealously or indifferently. It is a relative issue and must be considered rationally. I believe that the correctness or incorrectness of copy right depends on the special situations and considered materials. Therefore, we can terminate that Sometimes, it is right and sometimes it is wrong.

The right and rational way of copy writing is asking for permission. Some problems and barriers dissuade men from walking in this right path. Some times the owner is anonymous or inaccessible. In other words, we do not have any access to them to get permission. On the other hand, some times, there is just single version of a useful, scientific, precious, and referential original productions and they are basic, crucial, compulsory and required for libraries, students, and professors. In addition, although, the other kinds of productions are available, they are so expensive and rare that the interested and middle class sophisticated men cannot afford them. So, they can not help copying them even without permission.

Some men believe that “the fair use” of copy righted materials under the copy right law includes the use of protected materials for non-commercial and educational purposes such as teaching, scholarships, research ,criticism, commentary and new reporting is legal.(

In other cases we are not allowed legally or religiously to reproduce and distribute the other’s work without their permission. The only one, who can make copy of the work or change it, is the owner. Imagine that you have had created a kind of masterpiece such as a drama and you have won a noble prize for it. Then, Wicked men from every spot of the world copiy and distribute it without your permission. What would be your reaction and feeling? Even its imagination is maddening. Now, is it fair to pillage the result of a man’s last long hard toiling?

The earthy men’s intelligence and brainpower can both plunge them in a deep and stinking swamp or promote human’s spirit toward the heaven. The ignorant men have forgotten that the reason of creation of their excellent and potential mental power is promotion of man’s spirit and above all humanity. The divine rule of humanity does not allow the humans to spoil the right of even the smallest living creatures let alone the human’s right.

When a just and virtuous man faces with other’s outstanding works in any field, s/he must look for copyright notice permission or copy right protected announcement. Today, we have been bombarded with variant creative other’s work everywhere but we must digest this counsel that numerous displayed other’s works cannot be an acceptable excuse for their copyright permission.

Unfortunately, the copyright protection is not available in the most of works. This author’s carelessness not only wastes his toiling but also put the users in exposure of mistake, doubts, and hesitation. S/he must refer to the copyright protection or copy right permission in his original works in any field. At least, s/he must provide the user’s access to himself to ask for ,more information, permission and connections.

In conclusion, we must remind ourselves that we are human so humanity and honesty are the main elements of our nature. As it was mentioned, copy right is legal and religious in “fair uses” and constrained situations. In other cases, our conscience is the best court that we can judge the rightness or fallacy of our plagiarism and ourselves.

The best questions which arouse our conscience are “Will God forgive the spoiled right of his servants even if they forgive me or don`t understand my plagiarism?”
“Do I deserve to be named as human while I rob the other’s masterpieces to become famous or gain money?”

However, we must be aware of the copyright permission or protected. In addition, the owners must be careful to mention their opinion about copying their work and make it accessible for the users to connect them for more information or asking for permission.

by Fahime

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