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Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Love seemed so easy at first, but it led to many difficulties

You are a full moon and the sun has become your slave,

And in becoming your slave it has become luminous

That is why the rays cast by your visage

Have made the sun luminous and the moon bright

I am your adherent, o beloved, and I know that you know it
For you see both the unseen, and read the unwritten

How can a caviler comprehend what there is between a lover and a beloved

A blind can especially never see hidden mysteries

Dishevel your tree and rouse Sufi to leaping and dancing

To make him shake away a thousand idols from every patch of his garment

The relief in the affairs of the zealous lies in the eyebrow of the beloved

For God’s sake, sit for a moment and loosen the knot in your brow

The angel resolved to kiss the ground in reverence to Adam

For, in your beauty he observed something above human limit

The tress fragrance of lovely ones is the lamp kindler of your eye

O LORD, let not the wind of dispersion bring grief to this group

Alas, for the pleasure of night sitting that was passed in the sleep of dawn

O heart, you know not the value of time except when you are helpless

By Fahime Fathi

The poem of Hafez Shirazi
Dr:Alaeddin Pazargadi


SusNyrop said...

What a colorful and lively blog. I found many good ideas for details, even though your text was not original, but as yuou mention the author that is very good. Good luck with your exams,
Sus - a teacher in Denmark

robabe_rezaei said...

Dear Narjes and Fahimeh
you are both good researcher and hardworking students.
good luck in your life