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Friday, May 18, 2007

The Hero and Heroine of the Life

It was a vernal day. The playful wind was twisting the orange blossoms on the green and interweaved boughs of the old and proud trees. The free concert of the group of the singer robins and nightingales had enraptured the vivid plain. It seemed as if the plain and it’s beautiful nature were dancing together.
The two little girls, Emily and Virginia, had sat under one of the trees. Virginia said, “My father is a hero.” Emily asked, “What does hero means?” Virginia paused a little, posed philosophically, and replied, “You know, he is a kind of man who sacrifices all of his property and endangers himself to keep safe the other’s life or any worthy thing.” Emily listened it carefully and asked hastily “so why is your father a hero?” Virginia replied honorably “because he fought in war to protect the country and received the medal of glory” When Virginia asked her whether her father was a hero; her pink lips and gaze were motionless because she did not know what to say.

Many years passed and little Emily became a tall and attractive young girl. She was spending the moments of her youth joyfully but these happy moments did not last long. One night, suddenly, a horrible pain overwhelmed her thin body. The fear and fretfulness had filled her parents. They took her to the hospital hurriedly. She just heard some sentences and did not understand any thing anymore. They were these: “Unfortunately, both of her kidneys have stopped working. She needs two kidneys to be transplanted urgently unless she can not live any more.”

The pats of the breeze tickled her pink cheek and made her eyes open while her head was toward the window. The blue color of the vast heaven had reflected in her eyes. The pattern of the sun and the colorful rainbow on the sky were the signs to say her that she was alive but she did not know how. “Doctor, she has come out of comma,” the nurse said. She turned her eyes and saw the kind face of the doctor at first glance. The doctor smiled and said, “You seem well today.” Emily muttered, “Where are my parents?” The doctor looked at her meaningfully and said, “They are in the next room .You can see them later,” then leaved her fast. Confusion had captured her mind, “Why are they there,” “Why should I see them later.” Neither she could move to go there nor could she stand to wait. At last, she pleaded the nurse to take her to the next room.

When she entered the room, she saw the two glittering angels of her life on the bed.

She could see the reflection of rainbow on their beautiful and holy faces .At once, she recalled her little friend’s question and whispered, “Virginia, not only my father is a hero but also my mother is because each of them sacrificed one of their kidney to save my life”.

by Fahime

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